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Dance Project Saint Louis

About Dance Project Saint Louis

IMG_6253As the resident dance school of SkyStone Conservatory of The Arts, we continue in the proud educational tradition we have upheld since 1969. Our goal is to teach and prepare every student well, to provide a positive and uplifting environment, to provide the knowledge and skills students will need if they choose dance as a career, and to make every student’s dance experience valuable and memorable. Dance Project Saint Louis is dedicated to providing an excellent dance education and creative and challenging performing opportunities for students. Nearly forty Dance Project students have received college scholarships for dance.

Why performing, not competing, is our priority. . .

At SkyStone, we believe first and foremost that confidence and a positive attitude are necessary if a student is to be successful in the Arts.  Having done competitions in the past, even winning numerous awards, it was obvious to our directors that time and financial resources can be used in better ways to promote a student’s technical facility, performing skills, and confidence. In addition, we wish to provide a positive learning and training experience for students who are not interested in competitive dance.

Though this philosophy is certainly not the norm in dance education today, Dance Project holds steadfast in the belief that dance competitions can be counter-productive to a child’s dance education.  Of course, performing experience is important for a student’s progress, but at Dance Project students enjoy the opportunity to participate in many community, statewide, and national performances.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss this subject with anyone who would like to hear more about our views and our reasons for not participating in competitions.